Milind's All Natural Date Bars

Hi, my name is Milind Macedo, founder of All Natural Date Bars. I started selling date bars when I found out that none of my friends at school had ever tasted them. When I tried to find some date bars for them to try, I realized that none of them tasted as good as the ones my grandmother used to make. It then dawned on me that I should start making date bars myself using my grandmothers recipe. I immediately called up my grandma and she told me the secrets of how she made her date bars taste so good. I then experimented with the healthiest ingredients and tried to make the recipe taste better and better each time. Not only are these healthy but they also taste good.

Why Choose Us?

I specialize in date bars and is the only product I sell right now. This recipe has been in the family for three generations and has perfected over time to its current form. I am sure that you will not find a better tasting date bar. 

I am open to receiving your feedback, so please email me at

About All Natural Date Bars

Milind Macedo


Only the best all natural ingriedients go into our date bars. We use Tunisian dates with real butter and oats for the crust.  Our date bars have zero preservitives and artificial flavoring. Did you know dates are a healthy source of vitamins? Dates are a high source of potassisum, calcium, magnesium, zinc and rich in the B vitamins. 

You can now indulge in a desert that is actually good for you.  Top a little bit of whipped cream or have it with your favorite ice cream.


As of right now, we are only operating online.